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From Idaho to Utah to Wyoming for DRAGON PUPPETS!

I started driving on the 27th of May.

Starting place? Moscow, Idaho!

My destination? Laramie, Wyoming!

Why? To make Snowy Range Summer Theatre some dragon puppets for their children's show: Dragons Love Tacos!

I made two night-stops, driving six hours each day. I stayed with my dear mother on the night of the 27th in Eagle,

and I stayed with my best friend from high school in Salt Lake City on the 28th.

By the 29th, I made it to Laramie. The sky is quite vast, and the people have been so kind.

From Idaho to Utah to Wyoming

Okay. True, story.

I made it to Utah, and I had a few hours to fritter away before I could meet up with my friend.

Will say... showed up to Salt Lake.... on a Sunday... so...

nothing was open.

The city seemed dead, but the traffic was very much alive.

I made it to Sugar House Park which was beautiful.

I found a bar that made good espresso martinis and a queer coffee shop that had a great cinnamon latte.

The password to their wifi was "equality." :)

So, I am now three hours in to Salt Lake City, and I am $30 down and two espresso drinks in.

Salt Lake Blues - Original Song

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