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I prefer to write magical poetic plays. I believe magical realism can better capture our realities than not. It is almost easier to drink in. 

When I was younger, my older sister Mariah would sigh stories of whimsical worlds into my ear. She would whisper, "Once upon a time, there was a river that only flowed up, no one knew why it defied gravity, but the villagers knew it was something special..."

So many stories. So many worlds. She is a large part of my creativity,

and I would love to thank her. 

The Wife of Fabian Vitalik 

based on a short story by Mariah Montoya

Co-written with Grace McGreevy

"Maybe when you are capable of leaving me, your staying will mean that you love me back."

A fisherman and a shapeshifter find each other in a magical world by the sea. They grow older. They discover how they want to be loved. They learn how to let go. 


There is music and magic and puppets. 


This is a play for all ages that explores change, love, and grief. All characters can be played by actors of any gender or nationality. How you want to tell the story is up to you. 

The Wife of Fabian Vitalik Poster FINAL_edited_edited.jpg

Walking Through Walls

A two page play.

A poem per se. 

Possibly answering a common question.

What is love? 

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