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DRAGON SKELEtons of stuff done.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Okay. First week. Into the Second. Starting from the top.

I cut out the shapes for the cardboard mouths of the dragons and glued pieces of fabric to each side. I added a handle to the top and bottom for four fingers and a thumb.

Here is a video of Addie and Mere helping me cut out circles of foam for the dragon's bodies. We used a bandsaw for the thicker pieces and a jigsaw for the thinner foam followed by sanding down the edges.

My coworker, Daly, showed me around the campus on Tuesday and we ended up getting tea to escape the strange Wyoming rain. I recorded possibly the cutest conversation ever.

Back to puppets.

We cut out really squishy foam for the dragon tails. They are super lightweight. Then I connected rope by drilling holes through the circular styrofoam in the middle and tied nots to keep them from sliding down.

I then went to Bingo with friends and GOT A BINGO.

I won a hat.

[I am wearing the hat in the photo haha.]

And had a delicious vanilla porter at Bonds.

And back to puppets.

I created the dragon's necks out of circular cardboard found in the shop. I cut it by using a bandsaw. We then epoxy glued it to another circle of foam and let it sit overnight.

In the morning, head, neck, and body were all attached. I created the holes in the cardboard by using a leather hole puncher and floral wrapping wire to create the hinge.

I then started to add the chicken wire to create the heads.

I then added rope arms by drilling more holes in the foam and attaching a dowel to the other end of the rope.


And it will just keep going.


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