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Mr. Burns (A Post Electric Play) 

director of musicality

the medley-mashup

Music Breakdown & Lyrics 

"What follows is a medley of popular hits form the last 10 years - generally these are not sung in solo, but arranged for best group singing effect, there is bravura dancing during this, and costume changes, - the ladies in particular, should be changing in to a variety of perhaps worrisomely sexy outfits - the overall effect should be highly choreographed, polished, entertaining, and without irony. The really characteristic instrumentations of these songs should be rendered as well, but vocally." 

Stage Directions by Anne Washburn

Example Video of the "Idea" of the Medley

Mashup Backing Track (with karaoke tracks from original songs)
00:00 / 08:25

Live Recording of the Mashup

Cast & Crew

all photos and video recording by David Harlan

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